The Story

Following the sudden death of my mother, an accomplished artist in 1996, I decided to sit down and play with her paint alongside my then, one year old baby, Elijah. It had only been a couple of months since she passed, and I was grief stricken, and unable to concentrate on a school project, (the real reason I had the canvases was for a spreadsheet type chart to make for school.) Together, my baby and I sat playing with the paint, with our hands, and a few simple tools, and no brushes…after some time, about twenty minutes, stunning angelic images began emerging in the paint, and I allowed the image to unfold. Quite dramatically, and powerfully, I felt a divine presence, my grief lifted, and my heart lightened. I felt sudden serenity, and a deep sense of peace, and relief from a deep soul pain… this happened shortly before beginning some spiritual work, and practice with a Course in Miracles, an important moment in my journey. After taking the original to Michaelson’s gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts, I was encouraged to reproduce it as a Giclee reproduction on canvas, true to original size, that at the time they wanted to sell as prints in their gallery. Technology was too costly then for me, a single mother graduate student so here, twenty years later I have realized the dream to make it available to all interested in the power of the divine, love, light, and unexpected miracles. It can also simply be appreciated and interpreted according to one’s own desires and beliefs.

Many have claimed they “know” it is the Virgin Mary, or Arch Angel Gabriel, so, I believe it is up to the heart of the beholder... to me it comes from God, as an angel, possibly my Mom, to heal my heart... finally, she is free to fly, and be available to uplift environments, and assist others, whether looking for a painting for decor, or as support in healing; this Angel Painting is the manifestation of a dream come true for me. Thank you for your interest...may it enhance your world…

- Jehann El-Bisi -

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